Connecting our Chemistry

We care for our communities. Our teams are actively involved and engaged in creating better lives for our communities in need. Every year, Connell, through parent company Wilbur-Ellis’ impact fund, dedicates a substantial financial fund for community outreach. The generosity of our team, coupled with financial support from Connell are aimed to help improve the communities in which we both work and live.

Impact Fund 2020

Impact Fund 2020 [11:37]

Impact Fund 2019

Impact Fund 2019 [7:19]

Impact Fund 2018

Impact Fund 2018 [6:50]

Connell believes in operating globally and giving back locally, creating impact in the neighborhoods where we live and work. Through the Impact Fund, our employees are proud to support the needs of their communities by providing grants to local organizations. In 2018, Connell made contributions to support the following causes:

  • Home construction for the elderly
  • Disaster relief and victim rehabilitation
  • Aid for children and adults with disabilities
  • Clean water treatment
  • Orphanages
  • Support for Special Olympics events
  • Support for abused women
  • Red Cross.
  • Eldercare