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We thrive on inclusion and diversity. Our international community fosters energy, creativity and collaboration. At Connell, we enjoy living long, living life and living well. Individuals who join us enjoy the opportunities to be creative and innovative, to lead and learn new skills.

Living long: We know the value of a dynamic work environment that is not only challenging but also emphasizes collaboration and fun. At Connell, we strive for a blended life, celebrating equally our business successes and our family and friends.

Living life: Our strong culture offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees’ efforts and ensures that employees know their work is meaningful. People at Connell enjoy coming to work because they enjoy working with colleagues who are supportive and respectful. Our positive work environments foster personal connections and professional growth.

Living well: When people are challenged, they grow and learn new skills. At Connell, we expect our employees to rise to new challenges and be engaged. We provide ongoing learning and development opportunities through Connell Academy and exposure to doing business across Asia-Pacific. In addition, Connell supports local communities in Asia-Pacific by providing grants to local organizations through our Impact Fund.

I have been with Connell for 9 years. This says a lot about the opportunities Connell provides to its employees. The most important reason I have stuck is the Connell culture which promotes diversity and inclusivity. Connell always believes in quality of experience, the capabilities of the employee and offers opportunities to enhance your skill sets.
— Smita Shetty, Head of Core Products, India
I’ve had the privilege to build a career at Connell spanning almost 30 years, starting as a sales executive and now leading 4 countries across the region.  What I find particularly appealing about this family-owned company is the focus on the longer term perspective, which removes the constraint of being driven by very short term returns.  Personally, I’m very interested in supporting and growing younger leaders, and I see at Connell they are given opportunity to stretch and develop their business acumen in a very supportive environment. 
— KK Chee, Regional Director, Singapore
Over my long 35+ years career at Connell, I have had many, many opportunities to lead, mentor and work with amazing people across many cultures and countries.  The diverse nature of our business and people is unique and given me an exciting and enriching career. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.
— Jeff Streblow, Senior Vice President, Chief Transformation Officer
Connell focuses on EHSS which is required for long term sustainability. The safety culture helps establish values for maintaining a safe work environment and it makes me feel that this organization genuinely cares about its employees.

Connell has a clearly defined goal and shares it with employees at every level of the organization. It gets everyone on board with the vision and we all can understand what is required to reach the goal.

Connell tries to stay ahead and in-line with changes. This is the reason why I decided to join this company. I liked the part that stable company with long history seeks to change.

Connell recognizes the importance of people and supports the growth of its employees. This organization allows me to explore and develop my strengths and provides better ways to enhance work-related knowledge and skills.
— MJ Ryu, HR Manager, Korea
‘16 years being at Connell has driven me to be as I am now, set with a broader vision in life, to lead myself and others to be better person, bringing more values both to personal life as well as to company.

Connell really embraces family values with the firmness of a father’s teach and gentle mother’s care when we experience setbacks.

Connell encourages equal rights in gender and diversity, putting high respect on everyone’s voices.

In my role, engaging customers and employees is about understanding, even we can’t deliver all other’s expectations but trying the best to fulfil their needs.’

   “Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts”(Winston Churchill)
— Rita Taruna,  Director Commercial Operations, Indonesia
As someone with 5 years of experience in data analytics and an aspiration to further fine tune my skills, I found Connell to be an exciting place to work.

Connell provided the opportunity to work directly with senior stakeholders of the business and experience the impacts of data-driven decision making from a close distance.

Having spent almost a year in Connell, I have worked in several projects that have helped me reaffirm that 1: understanding the context is critical before solving a problem. Every organisation is unique and there is really no “cookie-cutter” approach, 2: effective communication of insights is as important as any other step. Story telling through data is an effective way to get the message through to the audience.
— Piyush Sahoo, Business Analyst, Singapore
I’ve had the good fortune in my ~10-years tenure at Connell to be in an environment that matched and stretched one of my personal values which is to be constantly learning and growing. While working across multiple regional roles with an opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues across APAC; I’ve been able to further refine my leadership style, enhance team working, and manage change during transformation.  The consistent factor has been always working in an environment that enables me to learn continuously.
— Rohit Drolia, Regional Manager, Portfolio & Market Expansion, Singapore