Caldic appoints Knud Mohr as CEO Connell Caldic, Asia-Pacific

April 18, 2023 — Press Releases,

Knud Morh.Rotterdam, April 18, 2023 – Caldic B.V. today announces the appointment of Knud Mohr as CEO Connell Caldic, Asia-Pacific, effective June 1st. Knud will succeed Azita Owlia, who will transition to a role in the Supervisory Board of Caldic in the coming months.

Knud Mohr brings more than two decades of experience in specialty ingredients distribution with a strong focus on Asia-Pacific. Until recently, he held the position of Regional President, Brenntag Specialties APAC.

“Knud is a Senior Executive who combines procurement, operations and business development expertise with hands-on experience integrating and growing specialties distribution businesses. His industry knowledge and leadership skills will be invaluable as we seek to continue accelerating Connell Caldic’s growth and capabilities,” said Alexander Wessels, Chief Executive Officer, Caldic Group. “We are excited to welcome Knud aboard our organization. With his extensive end-to-end business operations background Knud will bring significant sector and transformation expertise and a wealth of experience to help the regional team build its capabilities to further unlock value for our business partners.”

Knud has held various supply chain, procurement and business development roles in Mozambique, Angola and the Middle East markets. He was the Regional Director South Asia at EAC Industrial Ingredients in Thailand, when the company was acquired by Brenntag in 2010. Knud was appointed as Integration Manager and successfully merged the two organizations employing close to 1000 employees across 14 countries. He subsequently became President of Business Transformation, VP Strategy and M&A, Chief Operating Officer and Regional President, Brenntag Specialties APAC, in 2021.

“As we welcome Knud, we also want to recognize the pivotal role Azita Owlia has played in the growth of the former Connell business in Asia Pacific, which she has led as President since 2016. Recently, as CEO of Connell Caldic, she has been instrumental in the establishment of the partnership between Wilbur-Ellis and Advent International that led to the merger between Caldic and Connell, and the ongoing integration of both organizations,” added Alexander Wessels. “We are very grateful for Azita’s leadership, commitment, and passion throughout her tenure at Connell Caldic and look forward to her continued valuable contributions as a member of our Supervisory Board.”

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