Wilbur-Ellis Feeds A Growing Population

January 9, 2012 — Segments,
For more than 90 years, Wilbur-Ellis has turned waste by-products into new market opportunities for customers and suppliers

SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 20, 2011 – A recognized global leader in distribution and marketing of agricultural products and animal feed for over 90 years, Wilbur-Ellis Company is helping to feed a growing population and drive one of the most important trends for the food industry in the 21st Century: nutrient management.

“The rising cost of farming, combined with the growing demand for foodstuffs, biofuels and other agricultural products, is prompting manufacturers and producers to devise more ways to more fully utilize animal proteins, cereal crops and by-products to reduce waste,” said Ron Salter, president of the Feed Division. “While by-products have been a staple of agriculture for centuries, the need to transform what some people consider leftovers into a marketable commodity is taking on an unprecedented urgency in today’s economy with our growing population.”

The global population crossed seven billion in October and rising incomes in emerging nations have generated rising demand for dairy products and meat. Pet ownership is also becoming a cultural norm in nations where it barely existed before.

Wilbur-Ellis partners with customers and suppliers to develop new technologies and strategies to deliver raw materials through a secure supply chain to secondary markets or users who then integrate them into their product lines.

In 2011, Wilbur-Ellis acquired American By-Products (ABP), which specializes in high-end animal protein meals for the pet food market, and New Zealand and Australian Pet Food Ingredients as part of its expansion. Feed Asia, a venture inaugurated by Wilbur-Ellis in 2010 to provide value-added products to that region, will participate in these initiatives.

Wilbur-Ellis has also developed strategic supply alliances with various food and industrial processors and repurposed their by-products for use in pet food and animal feed.

Using by-products from food or industrial processing for animal feed is a natural extension of the need for efficiency. As an added benefit, transforming food waste into animal feed reduces the volume of materials going to landfills and disposal centers, thereby further reducing costs and land use problems.

About Wilbur-Ellis Company

Founded in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis is a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal feed and specialty chemicals and ingredients. By developing strong relationships, making strategic market investments and capitalizing on new opportunities, Wilbur-Ellis has continued to grow its business with sales now approaching $2.8 billion.
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